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Virtual tax preparation is a unique service offered by AAA Tax and Accounting, Inc. of Aurora, CO. Hundreds have already found this service interesting and customer-friendly, but what does it actually entail? As a reputable and established tax preparation provider, you are offered the full service that will get your tax return prepared and filed easy and painlessly.

  • You don’t need to waste time sitting and looking for a tax preparer to prepare and file your tax return these days are over. Your daily routines can continue without interruptions and you will have more time doing things you enjoy, rather than waiting to get everything done in person.
  • You simply send us your tax files via fax or via email, thus preventing any possibility of identity theft. Contact us for details
  • We will review your files then contact you with questions and/or details of your return. For any additional instructions and information, we can simply communicate by e-mail or phone.
  • You will subsequently be contacted by one of our professionals regarding, Written Guarantee, Privacy Policy, Approval forms and Invoice. When you provide a copy of your driver’s license (or Government issued ID), SS cards and voided check, you’ll qualify for fast and FREE* electronic filing. What is left to be done is to e-sign all the required forms, complete the Tax Customer Survey, and download your tax files for paper filing (if requested) and your records.

In a nutshell, you just complete the tax preparation form, send it to us along with your tax records, and receive a notification when the return is complete. Then review your return. It is that easy! *Federal refund must exceed invoice in order to use this virtual tax preparation service.

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