Many Tax Firms make BIG promises on the phone but if you read their contract, their promises don’t hold water and they never deliver. 

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Listed below are some tax firms that may show up in your search results while looking for tax resolution services. This list shows each tax firm’s BBB ratings, complaints, and whether or not each firm has listed their staff and their qualifications on their website.

We hate being scammed as much as you do. Our mission is to help take down the tax scam companies that give legitimate tax resolution companies a bad reputation.

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Company BBB Rating Qualified Staff Listed Complaints
AAA Tax & Accounting A+ Yes 0
JG Tax Group Not Rated – Falsely Claim A+ No Unknown
411 Tax Relief Not Rated No Unknown
Advantage Tax Resolution Not Rated No Unknown
American Tax Relief D- No Unknown
Clear Creek C- No 91
Freedom Debt Relief A+ No 172
Freedom Tax Relief A- No 15
JK Harris – Closed Not Rated No 123
Nationwide Tax Relief Not Rated No 1
Omni Financial A+ No 26
Optima Tax Relief A Yes 31
Phoenix Financial Group A+ No 14
Power Tax Relief – Closed Not Rated No 4
Tax Group Center B No 17
Tax Incorporated Not Rated No Unknown
Taxmasters -Closed F Yes 237 A+ No 1
Tax Resolution Services F – Accredidation Revoked Yes 7
Titan Tax Relief – Closed Not Rated No 8
Watch out for tax firms that do the following:
  • Outsource their work for clients to unverified workers because their firms have no licensed individuals.
  • Charge large retainer fees and do nothing for their clients.
  • A licensed staff that has little if any IRS experience.
  • Advertise a good rating with the BBB but do not.
  • Have a high ratio of complaints or have been sued.

How AAA Tax & Accounting Does Business:

  • We are a Tax Resolution and Accounting Firm that does all work for clients in-house.
  • We make our clients’ receive the best representation and satisfaction.
  • Our staff is highly experienced Ex-IRS agents.
  • We have not been in business long enough to achieve a rating from the BBB.
  • We have had no complaints to date.

Research Tax Firms before deciding on which one to trust with your assets. 

1) Better Business Bureau –
2) Rip Off Report –
3) –

HELP FOR tax problems

IRS Payment Plan – An IRS payment plan is typically a monthly payment plan set up to pay back your tax liability. We know what the IRS guidelines are regarding what monthly payment amounts they will accept and the time frame they will accept it in. We will need a full financial profile from you before we can negotiate an IRS payment plan on your behalf.


Offer in Compromise – We can negotiate an offer to the IRS to lower your total tax liability owed due to certain financial constraints. Although this is a seemingly quick and easy solution, it is not always effective or the best solution.


Currently Not Collectible – If you are unable to pay the IRS taxes you owe due to a lack of assets and low income or no income, the IRS may consider you to be “Currently Not Collectible” and agree to waive your tax liability for a period of time.
Penalty Abatement – The IRS adds interest to and penalty fees to overdue tax liabilities so that, over time, your past-due taxes owed can amount to thousands of dollars above the original amount owed. The IRS can sometimes be persuaded to reduce or waive the interest and penalty fees if they receive a professionally written and convincing request to do so.


Levies or Wage Garnishment Release – When you owe the IRS, they will collect the money by any means possible. They can take all your assets and belongings to auction off or sell, they can place a levy on your bank accounts, they can garnish your wages by up to 70%. AAA Tax & Accounting can negotiate your case with the IRS and get these levies and garnishments released in as little as 4 days, in most cases.


Audit Representation – If you have received an audit notification from the IRS, it is very important to be represented by tax professionals who can find issues and problems in your case before the IRS does and fix them. If you had an audit in the past that you feel was ot handled properly, we can have it reopened.