Release an IRS Wage Garnishment? Settle Tax Debt

In case you are going through uneven monthly payments, creditors can take the lawful or authorized action and if they succeed, the state instructs to deduct a definite amount every month from your monthly income by the way of wage garnishment which will be then paid to these creditors. Garnishment of wages is the very last steps taken by the IRS. Wage garnishment can cause an adverse impact on your monthly finances. In addition to your incapability of repaying your taxes, your assets or wages can be detained to pay off your monthly bills. In some of the condition both, wages and assets can be grab hold of jointly. Wage garnishment is imposed only when the person is indebted to a creditor that he is not capable of paying or willingly do not want to pay.

There are several federal and state laws that defend people from poor administration and exploitation of wage garnishment. These laws mainly secure the person from being browbeaten. You must be well acknowledged with many things such as the procedure of wage garnishment, creditor’s limits and the avoidance of abuse. In case any IRS wage levy begins garnishing your wages there occurs any disagreeable circumstances. When the wage garnishment has been filed, you would be indebted to pay a huge amount of your earnings to IRS. As per the order, the employer mainly deducts some part of your earnings and transfers the same in the account of an IRS. Your wage garnishment will continue until you fully pay up with your IRS back taxes. One can also make the wage garnishment to a stop by bargaining it with the IRS. There are various aspects depending on which the IRS holds back with a definite amount of money. For instance, it is regarded whatsoever if you are a single or married or definite number of people reliant on your earnings, mainly 90% of your earnings will be withheld.

Moreover, we realize that you become concerned and worried with such cutback in your monthly income, which in turn proves to be critical to you and your family life. The taxpayers can get relief by consulting the experts by starting bargaining for them with the IRS help. Under many circumstances, wage garnishment is being elevated at the time of the first negotiation however where this does not take place tax relief experts to chalk out the needs of the IRS and after that try out to resolve the problem.

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IRS Payment Plan – An IRS payment plan is typically a monthly payment plan set up to pay back your tax liability. We know what the IRS guidelines are regarding what monthly payment amounts they will accept and the time frame they will accept it in. We will need a full financial profile from you before we can negotiate an IRS payment plan on your behalf.

Offer in Compromise – We can negotiate an offer to the IRS to lower your total tax liability owed due to certain financial constraints. Although this is a seemingly quick and easy solution, it is not always effective or the best solution.

Currently Not Collectible – If you are unable to pay the IRS taxes you owe due to a lack of assets and low income or no income, the IRS may consider you to be “Currently Not Collectible” and agree to waive your tax liability for a period of time.

Penalty Abatement – The IRS adds interest to and penalty fees to overdue tax liabilities so that, over time, your past-due taxes owed can amount to thousands of dollars above the original amount owed. The IRS can sometimes be persuaded to reduce or waive the interest and penalty fees if they receive a professionally written and convincing request to do so.

Levies or Wage Garnishment Release – When you owe the IRS, they will collect the money by any means possible. They can take all your assets and belongings to auction off or sell, they can place a levy on your bank accounts, they can garnish your wages by up to 70%. AAA Tax & Accounting can negotiate your case with the IRS and get these levies and garnishments released in as little as 4 days, in most cases.

Audit Representation – If you have received an audit notification from the IRS, it is very important to be represented by tax professionals who can find issues and problems in your case before the IRS does and fix them. If you had an audit in the past that you feel was not handled properly, we can have it reopened.