We Negotiate With the IRS on Your Behalf

As ex-IRS agents, AAA Tax & Accounting know what sparks an audit and exactly how to deal with an IRS audit. We know how the IRS negotiations work and how to best serve your interests.

No matter how innocent and simple an IRS request for information may seem, taxpayers should never represent themselves in an IRS audit. Even if you are honest and believe you have done everything correctly, you will be intimidated. IRS auditors are not on your side and will find errors on your tax returns.

IRS auditors are trained investigators who will use everything they find and everything you say against you and you could be faced with criminal prosecution. IRS auditors have many trick questions they use to obtain information. 

Don’t put yourself at risk. Handling your own IRS negotiations could be a ticket straight to prison. Let our IRS audit experience protect you so you can face an audit with confidence.

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