Don’t Fall for These Lies! READ YOUR CONTRACT!

A Verbal guarantee that they will get your penalties waived -Some Tax Firms promise they can waive your penalties but in reality, their contract states, “we will try to negotiate a penalty waiver but many taxpayers do not qualify.” First, the IRS will assessed your penalties, but you should be aware that it is very difficult to have the penalties waived unless the penalty has a reasonable cause (IRS Penalties).

A verbal guarantee that they will stop IRS wage garnishments and levies immediately- Wage garnishments and levies cannot be stopped until you are in compliance with IRS regulations.  

A verbal statement that they charge a flat fee and can start work on your case immediately with a small down payment- You may notice when you read your contract that the flat fee is actually an “estimated fee” and that work will not start until you have paid a specified percentage of the estimated fee. 

They verbally tell you they have a Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating- Sadly, many tax firms throughout the U.S. are falsely claiming to be A or A+ rated by the BBB when, in fact, they probably have no rating at all. 

Claim to have a highly professional and qualified staff- Many Tax Firms claim they have licensed tax attorneys, CPA’s, ex-IRS agents on staff. The truth is, 95% of Tax Firms do not list their staff by name on their website because their qualifications are minimal at best.