Stop Aggressive IRS Collections

AAA Tax & Accounting has been successful at stopping many IRS collection actions against our clients. Remember that calling the IRS before you call us can and probably will hinder your defense. 

When we represent you, you no longer have to directly communicate with the IRS. When you hire AAA Tax & Accounting to represent you, we call the IRS to confirm what stage of IRS collection your case is in. We then ask for an immediate cessation of the IRS collection process.

Our next steps are to get all proper documentation and obtain your IRS file in order to analyze and resolve your tax issues. 

If the IRS agent on your case refuses to extend your file to us, we will file an appeal. When used correctly, a CDP or CAP appeal effectively halts all collection actions and investigations against you for 1-6 months, giving us plenty of time to come up with the best strategy and negotiate on your behalf.

CDP & CAP Appeals

CDP Appeal: Collection Due Process Appeals must be filed within 30 day of a final notice of intent to levy. The time frame allows a senior technical advisor within the IRS to review your case. At this time, your case file is transferred out of the collection division of the IRS.

If you did not file a CDP Appeal by the deadline, you can file a CAP Appeal.

CAP Appeal: This appeal is little known by the public and even most IRS agents don’t know about CAP Appeals. 

If the IRS has not actually filed a wage garnishment or levy against you, we can immediately file a CAP Appeal. The CAP Appeal prevents the IRS from filing wage garnishments and levies against your Social Security Benefits, Income or Business Payroll funds. In order to file a CAP Appeal, you must be in full compliance with the IRS, meaning you have filed all required tax returns.


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